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02 Feb 2016

Do you know the Hand and Foot Card Game Rules? You will while you're reading this article to your fun and fast-paced four (if not more) person game which has been very popular before and is experiencing an up to date revival.

If you prefer card playing and need to know a new spades rules, exciting and action-packed game, this can be the one. Take a short while to learn Hand and Foot card game rules and you are clearly guaranteed many hours of fun for many years.

Hand and Foot is a variety of Canasta,...

16 Jan 2016

Thanks to a strange orbit and weird time zones, can be of summer isn’t always a similar

Q: Next year, my husband and I will celebrate our 58th wedding. For 57 years, we also have celebrated our anniversary on June 21, day one of summer plus the longest day of 12 months. I have kept calendars the past 25 years or even more, and also on all of these calendars, June 21 is listed as day one of summer. So why do most of my new 2016 calendars list day one of summer as June 20? Whose bright idea maybe it was to change this date in the end these years? The first day of spring, fall and winter are the same.

Clifford and Judy Gruner, of Highland

A: Dare I risk ruining a half-century of marital contentment by...

18 Dec 2015

Vodafone may lose around 100 permanent customer service staff, with intends to almost halve the length of its consumer mobile service team, extend the graveyard shift to 7.30am and increase outsourcing with a call centre inside Philippines.

The proposal, outlined in the internal document obtained through the Herald, is an element of a restructuring required to bring 200 to 250 job cuts.

How maybe you have found Vodafone's support services? Email us here

The consultation...

10 Aug 2015

More than 10 lakh keralian purchases the Kerala weekly lottery every week to try their luck. For its trust worthy part and more income with small investment enable every state people to purchase the Kerala lottery. Now get Pournami lottery result online here. Many Malayalam who is residing outside also want to buy Kerala lottery ticket. But still there is no facility is availed to buy the Kerala lottery ticket for the out state people. This is to inform you that no online facility for purchasing Kerala...

24 Jul 2015

If you have applied for the new PAN Card or Duplicate Pan Card and within a limit time if you are not getting your Pan Card then now you can your PAN Card status with the following guidelines. You must have given the acknowledgement no when you filled the PAN card application form 49A. But what if you have missed that no, no worries. Still you can get your Pan Card Status without knowing your acknowledge no. how/ let’s look at the procedure we are going to show you here.

Check Pan Card Status without...

23 Jul 2015

The UEFA Champions League 2016 Live Streaming includes three qualifying rounds to reach to the final. These are play-off round, group stage and knockout rounds.

It these three stages the play-offs, clubs play two matches with each other in home basis or in another cites. Whoever scores more goals is eligible for the next round.

Group Stage

After these ten winners of the play off group and 22 automatic entrances distributes into eight groups. They play for the home and also for the home away basis....